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A celestial overview of 5779/12222

A gift certificate for a 1-hour personalized natal chart reading from "Astrolojew" is the gift that keeps on giving! Email lorelaikude yahoo. The practice of blowing the shofar every morning during Elul activates those troops like a spiritual call to arms! Betulah, the virgin, is prepared. She knows analysis and preparation is the foundation of every successful battle, and she has no intention of losing her war against the forces of disinformation and deceit. Her allies in sober sanity against the forces of chaos include Saturn Shabbtai , stationing direct in structured, organized Capricorn on September Saturn turns experience into maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom.

As seasoned warriors in the war against spiritual darkness, we must pick and choose our battles and select our weapons wisely. The full moon in compassionate, empathetic Pisces on Friday, September 13, is a real-life opportunity to demonstrate humility and empathy. Extending a helping hand to those in need is good exercise for both heart and soul.

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May it be a year of blessings, revealed miracles and redemption! Chodesh Menachem Av Tov! It was the day the 12 Tribes were reconciled after the ci vil war and tribal intermarriage permitted again.

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Indeed, Chodesh Av is full of contradictions and course-corrections. Astrology Infographic Gallery. Cosmic Horoscope Insight for April Zodiac sign scorpion. Pisces 24 feb The Palgrave Handbook of Radical Theology. Dune novel - Wikipedia.

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Astrogirl — Pisces - 27 January , Weekly Horoscopes. The Zodiac in Astrology. Chronogram June by Chronogram - issuu. Refdesk horoscopes - Read More. Mountain Xpress 02 06 13 by Mountain Xpress - issuu.

Capricorn - October 2019 Horoscope: Professional Dynamo/Domestic Shit Show

Facilitators — The Gathering Lighthouse. Me passing a psychic test. Today, Mercury makes its way into scorpio, the first planet of the year to make the move into this deep sign.

Libra Horoscope: November 2018

Also today, Pluto stationed direct at 20 degrees Capricorn, so if today feels heavy out of no where, you can thank these planetary shifts for the push you need to come to realizations mentally. Everything may feel more mundane than usual, and as if the spark has somewhat gone out. Not to mention, Pluto and Saturn from here on out are inching towards their conjunction in But for now, still expect relationships to still be a large focus among all the other themes, as many of our planets are still in loving libra until later in the month.

Take things slow, and think everything through. Be sure that what you are doing is for the bettering of your own self and power. Saturn finally changes signs this month, ingressing Scorpio, where it will be into This is your 10th solar house, the one associated with your highest ambitions, your reputation, and your true professional calling.