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Weigh up carefully the risks and promises. You'll try you get close to someone who makes you feel secure. You prefer the company of good friends as this avoids any possible disputes. You'll be stubborn and will want to do everything your own way. You'll be loathe to accept advice from others. Try not to keep yourself to yourself to chew things over.

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A minor misunderstanding will put you in a bad mood. You'll have to teach your profession to other people.

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Even if you don't like the idea of this, you'll have to agree to it without complaining. The Stars advise you to think about a place where you can go to enjoy great company. You'll be on edge and touchy so think before you speak. Don't close up and be as open as you can. Your partner will understand you. Think carefully about a decision if you want to avoid negative consequences.

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  4. Somebody could take advantage of a moment of uncertainty. Tension and edginess are Enemy Number 1. You could try to use techniques of relaxation. Your kind and cunning ways will totally win over a potential partner and he or she is the only thing you really desire so try not to disappoint! You'll have to deal with someone with whom you get on very well. Together you will manage to finalize projects you had planned and a friendship could blossom. You'll feel weak but this is more mental exhaustion than physical tiredness.

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