Pisces in first house astrology

Behavior: You live through your mind rather than feelings and emotions. You are quick, like variety, and are restless and always active. You love discussing ideas with others, reading books and finding out information about topics that interest you.

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All your life you will be learning new things to expand your knowledge. Because of your open-mindedness and the ability to adapt, you usually look younger than you really are. You love engagements which keep your mind active. You accept challenges that help to develop your intelligence. You process information and learn new things quicker than most people.

You like to study other people and analyze their behavior. Sometimes you talk all the time without allowing others to express their opinions. Appearance: Mercury gives a straight, lean, tall body; high forehead, narrow and long face. It may gift a long nose and beautiful eyes. For men, a sparse beard but voluminous hair on head is something to be expected. In general, it causes long arms, fingers and hands.

Saturn in Pisces

David Beckham has his Mercury at the last degrees of the twelfth House, thus mercurial qualities are carrying over into the first house. A bad mercurial person is a classic long-fingered thief, especially if Mercury is badly aspected by Mars. They are usually way ahead of others in thinking because their ability to think is very quick.

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  • Often, however, this ability is used for evil if Mercury is afflicted. For example, if Moon is in Capricorn, you will be able to control your emotions and will appear self-composed to the world. You are intuitive and sensitive to your environment. The approval of others matters to you. If something deeply upsets you, you may turn to food to heal your hurt heart. Emotional ups and downs will be considerably reduced if Moon is located in a fixed sign Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.


    You are likely to go by your feeling and intuition rather than by your thought. You may feel what others are about, and you tend to avoid individuals that wish you ill because you feel their bad vibrations. The Moon located in the first house may make the native quite passive, unless there is a strong masculine planet located nearby or is in a positive aspect with the Moon. The behavior is likely to be quite changeable and dependable on the phases of the moon. Sometimes for no apparent reason the native can be moody for a few days.

    A man with Moon in the first house will have some feminine characteristics but not to do with sexual orientation. In general, natives with the Moon in the first house will tend to have a strong relationship with their mothers and have may some of their characteristics. They tend to be easy to manipulate and tend to like darkness and moonlight. In relationships, physical affection and the feeling of safety is very important. The natives tend to be romantic and are likely to buy many gifts for their lovers and show their affection in other ways.

    They are psychic and can understand others without talking to them. They usually get prophetic dreams. They find it hard to hide their emotions. They will prefer following others rather than having others follow them. If the Moon is afflicted, this presents danger because the natives may start following wrong people or ideologies and take on negative qualities as a result.

    Natives like to change their appearance and style often and tend to follow fashion trends. Usually one eye is larger than the other, hands are short and plump, and in general the body is likely to be plump.

    Sun in Sign

    The native might be rather slow. A bad lunarian is someone who hates work, is very lazy, is of a changeable temperament and who has no ambition.

    If the Moon is badly aspected, they might be hysterical and overly emotional, and those phases will come and go with moon phase changes. I hope you enjoyed learning about the first house significance and how each planet affects your appearance. If you wish for me to look at your chart to analyze all the houses and what they say about the condition of different areas of your life, you can check this page for more information. Ha Ha Ha! This is truly amazing to me Simona!

    The strange influence of Mercury

    You have now discovered astrology! The funny thing is, that when I first came across your videos , you were going through your Christian phase. It was my knowledge of astrology that prevented me from reverting fully back to Christianity.. There was no place for it, since christians condemn it!.

    For a time this was source of inner conflict for me. At one point I was even considering discarding my large collection of astrology books!

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    • In the end you grew out of Christianity, and this helped me to free myself not long after. You are an amazing gifted person with such a huge capacity to learn new knowledge, and so quickly! You are highly productive! I really admire you! Self discipline has always been my biggest weakness.. Soon I will be able to get your help astrologically! Best wishes to you Simona! Dear Simona, thanks a lot for sharing…. Moon in my first house…according to Indian astrology I am a scorpio and western I am a virgo…. Hi Simona, I have the sun, saturn, and mercury all in taurus and all in the first house.

      I was wondering if you could help me interpret this and also help me combat saturn, as I feel it is messing with a lot in my life. Your moral character is firm and you can overcome obstacles by determination. To neutralize Saturn, try not to act on Saturdays too much, especially not do the important things, and also try not to activate numbers 4 and 8 in your life.

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      The whole chart should be taken into consideration but this is most likely to mean that your purpose in life is to figure out who you truly are, and to work on yourself to polish all rough corners. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Go to: 2nd house — 3rd house — 4th house — 5th house — 6th house — 7th house — 8th house — 9th house — 10th house — 11th house — 12th house The first house is the most important part of your natal chart because it determines in which houses all the rest of the signs and planets will be located.

      The influence of planets near the ascendant Planets located near the ascendant influence your appearance too. Here are some other significations of the first house, apart from the appearance and general behavior: It can represent the head and face of man, and injuries that might be done to those areas or marks located in those places.