January 30 2020 harvest moon astrology

Check your chart: these are the degrees emphasized by this last full SuperMoon of the year. When I created and defined the term forty years ago, it was addressed to my fellow astrologers only. But since a new moon is invisible, it gets ignored by the media.

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The media also ignore for the most part the geophysical dimensions of SuperMoon as I originally defined it; i. For more on this year's SuperMoons, see pp. I managed to get the free February forecast up and running last week.

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This is more geomagnetic than geophysical per se, so look for disturbances in electrical and electronic systems including the human nervous system ; auroral displays, radio outages and the like are typical under such conditions. Have your backups and backup plans ready! Sun-Mercury-Earth alignments always point to a heightened potential for solar disturbances, leading to geomagnetic storms here on our home planet.

For the lowdown on this year's Mercury Max, see pp. This time around, that works out to February See my forthcoming free February forecast for more on this. Incidentally, that February solar disturbance window includes the February 13 Mars-Uranus conjunction : another sign of electromagnetic volatility here on Earth. I have learned of a half-dozen instances of non-delivery so far, thanks to concerned clients.

Moon phases (Full Moon) 2020

They have all been resolved now. So please, do let me know! Thanks for your patience. As described in my January forecast and in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights , this is a sign of greater frequency and intensity for storms and moderate to severe seismic activity.

Moon Phases: How Does The New Moon Affect Us?

This year marks the 40th anniversary of my creation of the concept. Again, check your chart. I take pride in offering my free monthly forecasts, and in the positive responses I get in return. But I do have an obligation to my paying clients to prioritize them, and tend to the pro bono offerings afterwards. All the prepaid email deliveries went out at close of business here on December Check your chart, incidentally.

If you have notable emphasis on the middle of any of the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn , the January 6 eclipse is likely to be an especially significant timing signal in your life. As described in my December forecast , "The last storm and seismic stress window of the year is two-fold, associated with the full moon and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on December 22 in effect from the 19th through the 25th , and the coming January 6 solar eclipse with its wider December January 13 shock window.

Next week brings more.

Granted, ordinary new and full moon alignments generally pale in significance compared to SuperMoons and eclipses. But they are not to be ignored. Planet Earth has rocked and rolled in rhythm with the Sun and Moon for billions of years. We get the latter next month, with a perihelion partial solar eclipse on the 6th and a SuperMoon total lunar eclipse on the 21st.

Expect a new round of extreme tides, storms and seismicity. Meanwhile, the geopolitical and financial drama looming on the horizon is accelerating, as we come into the New Year. See the forthcoming World Forecast Highlights for the historic nature of the celestial configurations reaching out from years in the past right into next year and beyond.

Moon phases (Full Moon) 12222

Consider the January 6, partial solar eclipse. This time around, keep your eyes peeled for that December January 13 shock window. This will be no ordinary eclipse. The eclipse is sandwiched between at the midpoint of the tightening Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Such a confluence of celestial shaping speaks of a magnified pattern of geocosmic disturbances. This is more than a geophysical harbinger. The involvement of Saturn and Pluto nearing conjunction and the waning squares of Mercury-Mars and Jupiter-Neptune speaks of political and financial disturbances as well.

Heads of state, corporate heads and faith leaders are all suitably nervous under patterns like this. And for good reason. For a fuller treatment, see the full version of my World Forecast Highlights. There are a host of patterns suggesting that the President will not be able to stand for election in , because of what happens in In closing, and in response to questions and comments from friends, clients and colleagues.

There are a whole lot of reasons for this. For one thing, national horoscopes are not a reliable dataset. Astrologers have made conscientious historical and astrological arguments for each and every one of these. Seriously, need I say more?

In my work, following the practice of Mesopotamian astrology reaching back millennia, I always look to connections between history and important celestial events, such as eclipses and major planetary alignments long term hard aspects. I see these as signposts directing the forecasting process. Only then did I examine connections to their natal charts to flesh out the details. Consider Nostradamus, whose astrological approach never used the charts of nations or national leaders, but only celestial events per se: "Understanding created by the intellect cannot be acquired by means of the occult, only by the aid of the zodiac, bringing forth that small flame by whose light part of the future may be discerned.

So this week begins just the first shock window closes, and just a couple days before the final one begins.

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This results in a burst of extra storm and seismic activity, and greater or lesser disturbances in all kinds of electromagnetic fields. This is not a positive indicator for the global economy, to put it mildly. And it melds into a couple of eclipses again, January and July along the way, magnifying its significance in the course of events. Years like this one, when the economy is the big story, are times to be frugal and defensive rather than daring.

Focus on the return of your investment, rather than the return on your investment. And the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction plays an important part in the story. There have been only two such T-Squares in the last 15 centuries: and CE. See my World Forecast Highlights. For more on the meaning of Mars Max , see pp in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights. Every Max cycle includes five critical points, the beginning and end being two of them.


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This means that November 30 to December 6 are the last gasp for Mars Max and all its ultraviolent extremes. Good riddance! You can figure that miscommunications, misunderstandings and miscalculations will play a big part in the Mars Max-associated fires, crashes, clashes and explosions early this month. Bioelectric networks too, such as the human variety. You'll find details on the Mars and Mercury Max cycles this month, and what they mean for us individually and collectively, in my December forecast.

The extended shock window for solar eclipses, as I have written for many years, is seven days either side of the exact alignment. And finally, another reminder for clients new and old who may be thinking of ordering any of the personal reports I offer. This year, it has overwhelmed me; to the point that I can accept no more report orders or new clients until January I apologize for the delay.

As a double Capricorn, I like to be busy.