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We also have to potential to really try and understand our attachment styles, which were first created in infancy. Because is looking like such a historical year, I wanted to be sure to offer you all the opportunity to work with this upcoming energy from a place of strength, grace, abundance, and love! If you pre-order now before Oct.

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To purchase simply visit www. September shook many of us awake, shook us out of fantasy, out of delusion. Lost in the sea of Pisces, many of us have been acting blindly, however in September we would begin to see. I also open up in this episode about learning about my attachment style and the experience of Love Addiction.

Weekly Horoscope 27 Feb-5 March! CRAZY Cosmic Energies! The Effect of the Solar Eclipse, Venus Retro

Readings are filling up fast for the end of the year, be sure to book your reading now at www. In this episode, I bring friend and colleague, Ash Whyte onto the podcast to discuss all kinds of HOT astrology issues! From discussing who should become an astrologer to the elections and taking astrology too far in self-diagnosis.

Enjoy this episode! You find out more about Ash CosmicAlchamy. Additionally, I dive deep into all things LEO! To learn more about the Astrology for the month ahead every month, consider joining the community for monthly details Astrological Outlooks and Bonus Episodes. There is energy forcing divide, boasting separatism. This month we have the opportunity to get comfortable with our own emotions, so that we may learn to react from love, not programmed hate. When we master emotion, we master life. To hear the full outlook, join the community at patreon. The longest brightest day in the Northern Hemisphere has arrived.

The Summer Solstice, the peak of light and growth, invites us to review a point of change within us. Knowing the truth of our personal authenticity vs our programs, is so key. We dive into the meaning of these times and how to work with this energy. I also remind you that today is the day I raise my rates.

If you're ready to go deep into your chart and knowing of your unique path, this is your moment. Be sure to lock in your lifetime rate at www. Hello, I am Eugenia Krok.

LUNAR ECLIPSE – 31 JANUARY 2018: Venus Variations

Today, I proclaim my worth. I am a very good Astrologer. I know Astrology Readings I have given, have absolutely changed peoples lives. I utilize skills that far supersede Astrology, alone. I have taught Astrology to hundreds of students. I have served thousands of clients. I am a fucking badass, and I will no longer act like anything less.

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It also brings up important energy we will be working with for the next 7 years! Hear my thoughts and how to work very personally with this astrological energy. These events mirrored the astrology of the time with Uranus transiting the sign of Scorpio. Uranus breaks down matter, Scorpio holds the dark side. Uranus Scorpio was a time of breaking down dark shit!

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This is episode is to describe this time in history, the individuals affected by it and Uranus in Taurus today. In this episode, I bring back my love and partner, Tareck Ghoneim. We discuss relationship astrology, the current astrology climate and living in harmony with nature. Be sure to come meet he and I in person! Which means the very foundation and structure of your life is getting a shakeup! I am proud to be an affiliate for their work and excited to have them on the show. Follow this link to join a FREE webinar:bitly.

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Feel your heart this New Year! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it marks the beginning in Astrology. And while the Earth starts her new cycle around the Sun, so do each of us. Begin Again - Accessible Astrology.

Some times, you have to step back, to step forward, to Begin Again. Thank you. I love you. To help to support my work, visit www.

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Venus Retrograde, Direct and Ingress Dates

Enjoy these insights! So far, has been full of typically unpredictable energy, with the Nodes of the Moon in Leo and Aquarius. We have been learning to listen to our hearts Leo , but also raging against oppression Aquarius. However, all of this is about to change and the world is about to feel very different as the final astrology of opens doors into a new consciousness and experience of life.

In this episode, Tareck and I discuss the Nodes shifting, Jupiter shifting, and some other cool shit. When Venus starts dancing in the dark, so does our connection to love. The beautiful illumination Venus brings to the sky as the evening or morning star is something so undeniable, so visceral, so captivating, that we realize how much we miss her only when she is gone.

Ancient symbology and story throughout time has tried to capture this rommance humans have always had with this incandescent planet. Venus has begun her Retrograde, as of October 5th in NYC correction from recording and we mear mortals walking this earth now start the mourning process of our dear Venus and our hearts. What do we really need and want to feel and experience true authentic love?

As Venus will be resting still for her underworld dance in the sign of Scorpio, we have a very unique and distinctive opportunity to meet our ancestors our DNA, our bloodline to see how we landed in the shoes we currently walk. How did our grandmother's experience with love, effect ours? Did the call of our grandfather's hearts, create the orchestra of our hearts symphony?

We are not at random. We are a collection of stories and experiences that are recycled and handed down generation after generation, creating the present moment. This Venus Retrograde, askes us to listen to the whispers of our ancestors, who gifted us our unique heart. What is love? This dance in the dark, will lead us to this answer. To support my work, please visit patreon. In today's episode, I go over some of these key elements and how to look for them in your own chart.

Join at Patreon. The past few months have been particularly unique, as Mars and Venus have, and will both Retrograde back-to-back. We muse about these transits while enjoying reflection and conversation about our heartstrings, reviewing past transits and being bold. Be sure to listen to this episode and Part 2 on Exploring Astrology Podcast.

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  • You can support my work at patron. I will also discuss the necessity of support and tribe during these times. The 3rd and final Eclipse of the season comes Aug. In this episode, I answer a few questions from listeners, focusing on the importance of the Sun! I discuss ancient Egyptians Mythology, to inquire, how they may have interpreted these times. I also discuss, how to avoid obsessing over astrology.

    We are in a time of looking through our personal pasts, and our historical past. We are being asked to look at storylines which have brought us to this moment and we now have the opportunity, right now, to change them.