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Sign in Sign up. Directory Index - Recreation. In our private lives, the Moon illuminates relationships where one person is unable to let go of something that blocks progress, or relationships where both people crave romantic depth and intensity. High drama indeed, but full of magical potential and hidden emotional treasure. The Moon connects with Pluto, the transformative lord of the underworld who goes by numerous names in many cultures.

Pluto rules Scorpio, where the Sun is travelling at this time of year. And as underworld deity, Pluto feels very much at home with the spirit of the time and the ancient ideas of death and rebirth that lie behind the gaudy Halloween masks. Sensitive, psychic people may find themselves feeling particularly witchy in the days around this Moon.

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Ceres, the dwarf planet named for the great Roman mother goddess, strengthens this message from her current home in maternal Cancer. Rebirth is possible on many levels — Pluto tears things down, only to rebuild them anew. Ceres guards the stores of grain — the seeds of life itself — and nurtures the crop.

The crop is cut down, and the cycle begins again.

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Centaur Chiron in Pisces brings some healing energy into the mix — offering the perfect remedy for the love hangovers, earthbound spirits, or financial shenanigans this Moon may uncover. Currently, there are eight classical planets sitting between 0 and 7 degrees in the zodiac. Everyone with birthdays in the first eight days of a Sun sign should feel the force too.

But I think the rest of the Zodiac will also sit up and take notice of this bewitching, strong-willed full Moon, and the illuminating and strange days around it. Happy hunting, and happy Halloween! The annual new Moon in Libra highlights connections with others, shining on partnerships, alliances, and perhaps even open enemies too. Fortunate energies should be beaming down on us, because this new Moon is conjunct the lovely fixed star, Spica.

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Bright Spica sits in the stars of Virgo, where it represents the sheaf of wheat in the hand of the virgin goddess or maiden of Virgo. Art, science, and practical spirituality thrive beneath this influence — so starting up projects, classes, or studies involving any of these areas would be a positive step for many of us now. Thousands of years ago the great ancient temple of the moon goddess Diana, at Ephesus, was aligned with the rising of Spica. Diana or Artemis, her Greek name was a fierce huntress, lunar queen of the night, and sometimes said to be the queen of witches.

Spica is her star, and thinking about this connection might strengthen and encourage us to do what must be done. The new Moon connects with another singular ancient goddess too. Dwarf planet Eris, named for the Greek goddess of discord, sits slap bang opposite the Moon, stirring up trouble with our enemies. Perhaps we can make a new start? Certainly it would be a great time to be more open and honest, if only with ourselves. Some balanced Libran-style negotiations and discussions over the next few weeks equal sensible damage limitation.

Worth a try, anyway. This is the last new Moon before the total solar eclipse on November 13th too — we are edging ever closer to some big, fat turning points when the eclipse season rolls around. Pluto is about power and obsession, Uranus is about revolution and freedom. The heady brew of Uranus and Pluto is currently mixing it up all over the world.

So we can expect this full Moon to trigger unsettled emotions in large groups of people — both politically, and personally. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Sun sits opposite in Libra, sign of personal and professional partnerships. This full Moon shakes everything up, turns it upside down, and wants things to change. The same applies at work — tension and dissatisfaction can only be suppressed for so long before something needs to be done.

This would be a bad time to be a complacent or smug boss.

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Full Moons tend to signify the end of a phase, which then ushers in a new chapter, eventually. This is a positive outcome, despite the rocky road we may have to tread to reach our goals. And if you have planets between 6 and 8 degrees of those signs in your personal horoscope, you can expect the unexpected — and maybe some astonishing and inventive insights too.

You have the power to move your life forward now, just resolve to keep a very open mind and stay centred. Out in the wider world, this eccentric and potent Moon symbolising the masses activates many national horoscopes, and the chart for the United Nations too. Countries experiencing turbulent events or heated discussions include: Thailand; Australia; the United Kingdom and Scotland. China, with its 1st October birthday, is already experiencing some conflict and maybe moving towards a reassessment of identity and leadership.

Turkey, with a Libran Mars and Cancer rising, may experience angry demonstrations, military action, or extreme natural events. Yes, this might be a Harvest Moon, and that means we reap what we have sown. Virgo is symbolised by that ancient goddess, the virgin maiden, with her harvest sheaf of wheat, or corn. The Moon and Mercury highlight rhythms of speech, wit, and humour — just what you need if you want what you write, or say, to make a good impression.

Virgo is often but certainly not always very tidy, orderly and meticulous — and it is the sign of hard work too. I think this Moon favours clutter-busting, feng-shui, and practical spiritual practices like space-clearing and dowsing. However, if you are in a stagnant or blocked place in your life, consider cleaning your home. Often this will assist you in releasing the blockage and getting on with your life. Creating a sanctuary would be an excellent beginning. This is the second full Moon of August , rising in dreamy, watery Pisces and swimming into our dreams.

While the Moon is in Pisces, the Sun is in hard-working Virgo.

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The challenge with this combination is how to blend hard work with spiritual and imaginative vision, how to be practical without losing our magical, intuitive selves. This full Moon connects with Mars and Pluto, bringing a super-charged energy and more than a hint of obsession and compulsion, perhaps anger too. Chiron, the wounded healer, sits with the Moon in Pisces too. So what comes up can, with thought, care, and deep breaths, begin to be healed and embraced as part of ourselves.

This would be a wonderful Moon for a little retreat from routines. Much as Virgo adores routines, they can sometimes limit us and reduce our ability to create, love, and feel like ourselves. A fish cannot drown in water. A bird does not fall in air. Mechthild of Magdeburg, Medieval mystic, c. So it symbolises the essence of drama, life-force, and self-expression. Yet its expression is low-key — and like exquisite tailoring or a perfect single rose, it does not need to shout to attract our attention.

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The roaring lion of Leo is more like a slinky, watchful cat - the cat that walks by itself on moonlit nights. New Moons are about new beginnings for the month ahead. This one looks like an excellent time to begin a project needing both hard work and creative oomph. Saturn, serious and relentless, supports the Sun and Moon and favours gritty efforts with an eye to long-term results. Assertive Mars further fires everything up with some carefully-measured action.

But without effort and action this mix of Moon, Mars and Saturn could be most indigestible. Simply taking a long walk would work — walking helps us think and channel some of the mental and physical frustrations that could rise to the surface around now. Dwarf planet Eris watches from the sidelines, from her longstanding place in fiery Aries.

The goddess of discord was said to be the daughter of Night, sister of Mars, and grand-daughter of Saturn. Resentment and anger at being ignored or insulted lead Eris to plot revenge. So what will it be on this powerful new Moon? Strife or striving? Mayhem and arguments or going for gold? Out in the wider world, we shall probably see both manifestations over the next month.

For the people of the United States, and for President Obama personally, it represents an important point of change and reassessment. The Aquarian full Moon rises at 10 degrees of that eccentric, intellectual sign. It comes trailing clouds of fiery glory, high energy, and flaming idealism. Jupiter, giant planet of expansion, connects with both Leo Sun and Aquarian Moon to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and optimism. The feel-good factor brims over with humour, playfulness, and the desire to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

In the wider world, this translates into the need to enhance national reputations — and since Jupiter has close, symbolic links with sport this influence should be clearly visible during the Olympics. While the Leo Sun represents individual creativity and the essence of the inner self, the Aquarian Moon symbolises humanity as a whole, mass consciousness, and the collective. How can we connect with others? How can we play a part in the world, or be more involved with our communities? Gemini Jupiter also lines up with three goddess planets — Venus, goddess of love and art; Ceres, great mother goddess and harvest deity; and Vesta, goddess of the sacred flame that burns at the heart of the home.

I think this is a particularly meaningful Moon for women.

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Electrifying Uranus, burning brightly in Aries, further energises this full Moon.